Why do Companies Engage us for our Procurement Process?

  • Increase quality
  • Remain Competitive
  • Procurement centralization
  • Procurement personnel training
  • Supplier performance improvement
  • Provide needed goods and/or services
  • Increase efficiency of the supply chain
  • Reduce costs and retain the best value
  • Improve overall procurement performance
  • Develop a strong end-user to provider relationship
  • Procurement department creation and implementation
  • Compliance with SOX, ISO, SOPs, Financial, and government regulations
Above the Standard Procurement Group

Meet the Above the Standard Procurement Group®, Inc

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Above the Standard Procurement Group brings more than 30 years of successful Profit Maximization, Procurement Cost Reduction, Procurement Outsourcing, Procurement and Financial Services experience!

Meet a few of our team players. We have many wonderful professionals from many different industries, skillsets, backgrounds, and different parts of the world.

The Presidents Message

To each valued client,
The most challenging areas in a business today are the constant changing costs of goods and services and the ability to afford having the quality purchasing and procurement staff that can increase revenue and decrease your costs without jeopardizing quality, service, and your core competencies.

YOUR bottom line is OUR bottom line!
In our global market, increased competition means a decrease in the bottom line and companies are forced to make each dollar stretch further. This is not just for current economic times, but will continue as a norm.

We have personally reduced costs with many companies in many different industries.
In fact, we have been able to reduce costs and/or increase efficiencies with every one of our clients!

Our staff,industry experts, procurement and purchasing professionals, Strategic Partners, Affiliates, and Premier Vendors are dedicated to you and your bottom line. We do not receive any money from our procurement cost reduction strategies until we have reduced your cost in the areas you select and we have conducted your no cost procurement assessment.

As we reduce your costs, we help your bottom line, and help you become more efficient.
Let us help you, without any cost up front, so that you can accomplish what you do best.

To your successful and profitable business,

Ted T. Landgraf
Above The Standard Procurement Group, Inc

Ted Landgraf

For more than 30 years, Mr. Landgraf has helped the Federal Government, corporations, and non-profits save billions of dollars through procurement. Mr. Landgraf’s clients range from small companies to State Farm Insurance, Novell, Farmers Insurance Group, Met Life, Sprint, Security Pacific Bank, the YWCA of Greater Los Angeles, Fluor Company, and more. He wrote procurement guidelines, policies, and procedures, and led a national team for the Department of Labor National Office of Job Corps (NOJC).

Mr. Landgraf personally trained hundreds of Project Managers, Contract Officers, Regional Directors, and others regarding procurement best practices across the globe for the Federal Government, as well as thousands in commercial procurement.

Mr. Landgraf and his teams have documented an average of $534,000 of reduced costs annually for each procurement bid.

More than 30 years experience in many different industries nationally and internationally, as well as Federal Government, with a focus in Operations, Administration, Finance, Compliance, Procurement, Business Development, and Project Management.


Donna Landgraf

Donna Landgraf has more than fifteen years of web design, graphic design, and writing experience for small to very large companies. Ms. Landgraf’s attention to detail has caused her to be an exceptional accountant as she has overseen different roles throughout her career. Her ability of thinking outside of the box, understanding different personalities, and company objectives has provided a platform for her to always excel at whatever atmosphere she has been in while driving the core objective. Ms. Landgraf knows what it takes to manage accounting, administration, technology, design, and anything else she has focused her mind to as Ms. Landgraf has a track record of successful completion in all areas.

To know Ms. Landgaf is best summed up by what others have said about her:
“She is honest with people in the work place and with her family and friends. If she’s doing a job for someone, she makes certain she understands the expectations he or she has of her and she is truthful about how well she’ll be able to meet those expectations. She’s clear about her goals: If she does a job it needs to be done well. There needs to be open communication without subterfuge. There must be respect and an understanding of the goal – whether it is a new marketing strategy for a company or her daughter’s college choice.” Ms. Landgraf is the same in the work place as well as in her personal life.

Another work associate had this to say about Ms. Landgraf in 1996: “I realized that she could do some exceptional graphic and web design. As I worked on our first project, I found her to be very bright, could learn things on her own, think out of the box, get things done before project deadlines, and go above and beyond the expectation. On many more projects, which included websites, training material, letters, marketing, advertising ads, and much more, it became very clear that Donna produced more than others because of her exceptional organization skills, yet the quality did not decrease. In fact, her quality of work was head and shoulders above those around her.”

Ms. Landgaf has a Bachelors of Arts Degree in History, as well as a Bachelors of Science in Social Sciences from the University Maryland University College. Ms. Landgraf will graduate with her Master’s Degree in History and Culture from Union Institute and University in January, 2013.


Meet our Procurement Experts

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