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What our Clients are Saying

“My company, HK Sports, worked with the Above the Standard team to select us as a national company for uniform, sportswear.... supply to all their locations across the nation.  Because of the process, cost was reduced to the client, communication increased; there was more efficiency, better customer service, and greater satisfaction."

Jason Phipps, Virginia
CEO, HK Sports

Question: What is different from other cost reduction companies and Above the Standard?

Answer: The owner of a successful nationwide company stated that they get these cost reduction companies coming around claiming they will reduce their costs on their phone bill, with their energy, shipping, HR, workman’s compensation, etc. and that they will need all of their invoices to see how they can reduce their costs. His comments to this were, "it would take his staff hours and hours to compile the necessary information to even see if they could reduce their costs".

“We deliver what all of the global company’s desire, such as:”

“We are a full procurement and finanical services firm that can meet global needs for companies that range in size from small to the largest in the world”.

Question: What does your cost reduction and procurement service cost?

Answer: When working with most commercial companies, Above The Standard Procurement Group (Above the Standard) does not take any money until the cost reduction has taken place and is verified through the RFP procurement process (in most cases). For Government Agencies, Federal Contractor's, Grant Projects, and Tribal Governments, please contact us for pricing.

Question: How does Above the Standard determine what potential areas to reduce costs in?

Answer: An Above the Standard Procurement Expert and/or our Corporate Staff provides a no cost reduction procurement assessment.

Question: After the no cost assessment, what happens next?

Answer: The Procurement Expert and/or our Corporate Staff reviews the potential areas of cost reduction, the client decides on which area or what areas to pursue and an agreement is signed outlining these specific areas of goods and/or services. After this, the Procurement Expert has an initial meeting with all the client stakeholders, expectations and processes are discussed, and the Procurement Expert goes to work.

Question: How do you determine how much the cost has been reduced for the goods and/or services?

Answer: The Procurement Expert goes through a very detailed cost reduction Request for Proposal (RFP) process that outlines the current vendors providing these goods and/or services. The end results in what the client has been paying versus the selected vendor who has won the RFP process. This is compared in all documentation and verified to show the percentage and dollar amounts.

Question: Is Above the Standard only concerned with cost reduction in the form of dollars?

Answer: No. There are many criteria in our process from warranty, green, service, RMA, Terms, dependability (for IT, critical systems, servers, etc.), support, operation hours, compliance, certifications (such as ISO, etc.), and many other areas. Each RFP cost reduction project has different criteria all dependent on what the client needs and wants.

Question: Do you specialize in just a few areas?

Answer: No. We specialize in many areas. We have reduced costs in just about every area from explosives, computers, human resources, IT, software, office supplies, green, cleaning, janitorial, leases, real estate, timber, MRO, heavy equipment, filters, plastics, steel, high temperature application materials, oil, lubes, fuel, financial, ATM, credit card, shipping, linens, uniforms, sheets, programming, paperless systems, procurement systems, dental, hospital equipment, educational supplies and equipment, furniture, fleet, vehicles, cement, asphalt, trucks, landscaping, food, food equipment and supplies, auditing, professional services, consultants, and many other areas.

Question: Is your cost reduction one time or continual?

Answer: Every contract has a term, so when the contract is completed, there will be another RFP. There are also many other procurement services we offer. Procurement and business are always changing. Our model is to be there for you throughout ALL the changes and needs you have.

Question: Why do most companies not reduce their costs with their goods and services?

Answer: There are a number of reasons, with a few being lack of knowledge, no staff, no purchasing department, a purchasing department that is under staffed, and lack of skills and processes to conduct the correct and analytically correct reduction.

Question: How do we come out ahead as we become a client?

Answer: For example, once we complete a cost reduction project in your company, you end up paying less than having a professional procurement staff person conducting this in-house in a lot of cases, due to the taxes, the benefits, the overhead, and the constantly changing environment in the business world. When a Procurement Expert has been able to reduce your cost (s) in one area or many areas, you have reduced costs and the agreed upon percentage is paid to Above the Standard for this cost reduction. In summary, if we reduce your cost by $200,000 for a twelve month period and this process took 12 months to conduct, with the Procurement Expert receiving half and you keeping half, everyone wins.

Question: How long have you been conducting procurement cost reduction and procurement services?

Answer: Ted Landgraf, CEO/President of Above the Standard, has been in this industry for more than 30 years. Our training, company Procurement Expert certification, proprietary processes and information, premier vendors, partners, and continual training is some of the best in the industry.

Question: What type of companies and industries do you and will you work with?

Answer: Any kind from small to large.

Question: How many companies are looking to initiate procurement outsourcing?

Answer: According to Aberdeen and other prominent business analyst companies, more than 40% will go the route of procurement outsourcing. The main reason is that companies will reduce their costs more than conducting procurement cost reduction with their own procurement staff.

Question: There are large companies that this will work with – what about small companies?

Answer: This will work in many small companies, because the smaller companies many times do not get the same buying leverage and lower costs that larger companies receive.

The Above the Standard process does not require us to have to be at the company in person. We can do this with a phone, e-mail, and/or fax. The company only has to give us a summary of spend for each area, gross sales, ask a few questions about their current procurement, and view/assess their RFP process. This process only takes about 30 minutes to 90 minutes.

Question: How has Above the Standard reduced costs with greater success?

Answer: Other companies conduct cost reduction that utilizes technology and overall vendor percentage discounts to reduce cost. We assimilate information with vendors and compile the exact amounts, specifics, quantities, Unit of Measure, brands, RFP specifications, and other areas meaning that we can reduce cost at a maximum without jeopardizing quality, because we work with our client and with our vendor to create partnerships that are win-win. In other words, we get into the details of each item, the contract term, bench-marking, cost savings with efficiencies, your needs, and many other areas that reduce costs great than just on paper. With our Procurement Cost Reduction, we do not just provide the cost reduction we conduct procurement cost reduction in just about every area of goods and services that you are already buying.

Another company owner stated that the Cost Reduction companies out there, that he is familiar with, “do not get into the specifics to the exact dollar amount per item.” Above the Standard does this and is able to identify, bid, and set this item to a certain price for a certain period of time. We add the PERSONAL SERVICE to each procurement cost reduction we conduct, whereas many others do not.

Question: How can I become a part of Above the Standard and help others?

Answer:“Many have stated that they cannot retire because their 401K/retirement has lost a lot of money or they have been downsized and cannot find work or they cannot make ends meet because they are making less. We have many ways people with talent and ability can join our global team.  Please click for more details.

Question: What are some of the responses that people are saying?

Answer: One high up Government individual stated, “This is unique, great, needed, and provides a model whereby everyone wins.”

Question: We had a cost reduction company come in and they saved us some money, but they only focused on certain general areas. Does Above the Standard work in certain areas?

Answer: Above the Standard conducts procurement cost reduction in almost all goods and services.

Question: What size of companies do you work with?

Answer: We work with all types of companies from small to large -- $500,000 to billions of dollar in size.

Question: Can you work anywhere with any client?

Answer: We can work with any company.

Question: How do I get started?

Answer: Fill out the form, e-mail us, and/or give us a call.

Thank you for your interest in Above The Standard Procurement Group’s Procurement Cost Reduction, Procurement Outsourcing, and Procurement Services. Our process has helped many companies from small to large, from Federal to Commercial, from private to public, Native American, and Organizational to significantly reduce costs for many different goods and services over the years. Please take a few minutes to fill out the information below and one of our Procurement Experts or one of our Corporate Staff will contact you as soon as possible.

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