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Case Study Project - Welcome to the Manhattan Deli!

The "Manhattan Deli" Case Study is designed to give an example of how any organization can streamline a business strategy, identify and implement business objectives, implement business goals, and have bottom line success.

Above the Standard Procurement Group, inc.® has capable and highly qualified industry experts that can assist you in meeting you goals and achieving a bottom line success!

We will utilize several strategies and business concepts from this introduction through Stage 5, while identifying a proposed technology solution, to successfully implement and utilize this technology solution to bring success at the Manhattan Deli.

This entire White Paper is to show you how to identify, define, evaluate, and provide a solution within this made up company. You can apply these same methodologies and steps in any business to reduce costs, increase revenue, bring more efficiency, provide better communication, enhance customer service, develop new markets, create business intelligence, strengthen customer loyalty, increase profitability, and many other areas that are important to the shareholders of an organization.

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