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Business Growth | Cost Reduction
Cost Reduction | Business Growth

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Above the Standard's philosophy is simple.
At the end of the day, Business is about ALL of the people who make it happen.


To succeed in business, to reach the top, an individual must know all it is possible to know about that business.

J. Paul Getty

Above the Standard recognizes it is the knowledge of people who have succeeded (or failed) which is the greatest tool anyone interested in becoming successful can use. Sharing the knowledge from past failures and successes benefits everyone inside and outside Above the Standard Procurement Group®, Inc.

Our Back-to-Business Basics newsletter and resource library contains a large selection of valuable information that can be an asset to any business professional looking to increase their company's growth, while utilizing effective procurement, financial and outsourcing methods. These resources will engage any business professional interested in furthering their knowledge and empowering their future about a wide range of topics including:

Business Growth;

Procurement trends;

Setting attainable personal and business goals;

Cost reduction measures that don't involve laying off your most valuable resource, your employees;

Business growth, cost reduction, procurement strategies, and other important topics. . .

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