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"Horizon Youth Services has had the Above the Standard team provide procurement and training services to our company, such as: Green Regulations; Contractor Purchasing System Review Regulations; Procurement Process and Procedures; the RFP process; and other Procurement related topics. His expertise has helped our staff from all across the country understand Government contracting requirements and provided a platform for greater efficiencies."

Peter J. Calvo, New Jersey
President, Horizon Youth Services

Above the Standard's "Back to Business Basics" Newsletter provides any business executive or procurement professional up-to-date-information regarding Procurement and Outsourcing Trends, Procurement Services, and effective Business Growth Strategies.

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"There is an ever widening gap and need for organizations to have more staff in their procurement department, a need for more thorough Request for Proposal processes and cost reductions that are sustainable, increased need for the right partners (vendors / suppliers), help with compliance and regulation, systems that allow for simplicity and proactive procurement approaches, training, and so many other areas."

atspgIn addition, once you join our newsletter, you will be given the opportunity to have full access to our Back-to-Business Basics resource library. This library contains a large selection of valuable information and white papers that is an asset to any business professional looking to increase their company's growth, while utilizing effective procurement and outsourcing methods.


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