“Growth is never
by mere chance;

It is the result of forces working together. ”

James Cash Penney
Founder of JC Penny stores

Above the Standard Procurement Group

Above the Standard's Business Growth Services

What are ATS' Services?

  • Reduce costs and increase quality
  • Centralize procurement
  • Provide needed products or services
  • Build new markets in your company
  • Provide Just-In-Time Inventory (JIT)
  • Increase supply chain efficiency
  • Retain best value and remain competitive
  • Compliance
  • Supplier performance improvement
  • Support day-to-day buying activity
  • Policy/Procedure creation, implementation, validation
  • Transaction automation and processing
  • Bring focus to core competencies.
  • Develop strong end-user to provider relationship
  • Lower procurement related labor costs
  • Improve overall procurement performance
  • Provide greater control, reporting, and supplier compliance
  • Organization and internal cost performance
  • Data for benchmark analysis, goals, and results
  • Procurement personnel training
  • Procurement department creation and implementation
  • And Much, Much More!


What Does ATS Do?

We partner with our clients to assess their needs and provide procurement and financial solutions, such as:

Listen to our Services

Listen to our recorded call that discusses the Above the Standard Model, it's processes, and the available opportunites that are available with Above the Standard!

We research, analyze and ultimately acquire products and services as required by your organization. Procurement outsourcing does NOT translate to loss of control for you; instead, we become a part of your organization and bring many strengths and advantages to bear for your financial benefit. Our solution depends on your needs; ranging from full outsourcing of the procurement function or specific area(s) of expenditure.

Success through Excellence
Above the Standard Procurement Group was founded on two driving visionary principles: (1) that in order to succeed we must deeply understand each client as an individual; and (2) We must have the comprehensive expertise to meet the needs of all our clients. These two principles are found in every partnership with our clients and is the bedrock of our success.

What our Customers Say!

Above the StandardI have the pleasure of working with Ted before and from the Get Go he makes things easy for those working with him; he has great Rapport and without a doubt upholds his end of the agreement and readily Adaptive to our requirements. Additionally, his inputs are Insightful and cover a whole different angle on the way I viewed procurement.

He is warm, energetic, determined and really takes initiatives and shows that he cares about his business as much as he cares about you (the client). Working with him I really feel that he believes in the effort to be mutually beneficial, that what is good for you is good for him. I will be working with Ted again; in fact he is lined up to do training for us for 3 more times at least in 2013 and many more in the future. This man is a pleasure to work with, I am proud to endorse him and recommend him to anyone to work with this procurement professional. I am happy that he is one of my connections and I believe we will be able to bring things up to the next level!

Julian Chan - UNIStrategic

Holistic Approach
We recognize that your business is not made up of a single project.  Each project is interdependent on a company’s vision, strategy, maturity, culture, stakeholders, and ability.  We do not believe there can ever be ‘a project in a vacuum.’  Each project must be integrated into a company to meet its unique needs.

Data Driven Execution
Transformational change is complex.  It is profound and forever alters the fabric of an organization for the better.  It requires sound business decisions based on data driven execution.  Methodologies such as Six Sigma, Lean, ISO, ITLT, and leading edge best practices help bring a scientific analysis producing reliable decisions.  Above the Standard brings value to our clients through flawless execution the first time and every time. 

Complex Change Management
A holistic approach driving execution through data analysis provides the foundation for successful change management.  Change is never easy.  The larger the company the harder it is to change.  Above the Standard excels in change management because it understands the environment and the unique human factor involved.  We become our client allowing us to effect change from the inside.

Full Service Procurement & Financial Services
It would not be possible to satisfy our clients by only addressing a portion of their needs.  Above the Standard provides complete best-in-class procurement solutions.  We are not a sourcing or a consulting company.  We are your long-term business partner and as such we can accommodate any need you may have.

See our Services Overview page for a listing of the services and industries we can engage in!

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