“Growth is never
by mere chance;

It is the result of forces working together. ”

James Cash Penney
Founder of JC Penny stores

Above the Standard Procurement Group

Above the Standard's Business Growth Services

Personalized Approach

There has never been a universal template that can be applied to all companies.  EVERY company has so many unique aspects that taking a template driven approach is impractical at best. 

Above the Standard takes the necessary steps to understand our client first, and then craft a solution that will meet their unique needs into the future.  This personalized approach allows is to become long-term trusted advisors to our clients.

Overview of Services


Cost Reduction

What Our Customers are Saying

Bivona Child Advocacy CenterBivona Childhood Advocacy's central mission is to provide a safe, nurturing place for children who have been victims of abuse. It is important for us to be lean and efficient to maximize the amount of funding that directly addresses our core mission.

Above the Standard helped us to not only reduce costs, but increase our services in three areas. We cut our annual janitorial cost by 24%, office supplies by 10%, and payroll by 36%. In total, our overhead costs were reduced by 27%. I was impressed with their ability to create value and deliver results. Their efforts greatly contributed to our ability to remain focused on our mission.

I was also impressed with the professionalism, knowledge base, and attention to detail that Teresa Parsons displayed during our project. I would highly recommend their services to prospective clients.

Patty Lovallo
Director of Finance and HR

Finance and Procurement Budget Management


Global Sourcing

Green Procurement

Human Resources

Procurement Fundamentals

Procurement Management

Procurement Outsourcing

Procurement, Finance, Administration Standard Operating Procedures, Best Practice

Supply Chain Risk Mitigation


Vendor Management

These services include, but are not limited to the following:  The Above the Standard Procurement Group® services, website, brand, trademark, annual procurement, financial, and business services, client support, support, procurement leads, procurement education, intellectual property, standard operating procedures, sales and marketing support and training, procurement training, and other support that helps all of our stakeholders, network, and clients win.

Note: All services may not be available in all areas.

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