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Above the Standard's Commitment to Social Responsibility!

What our Clients are Saying

“The Above the Standard team worked with one of the largest Native American Casinos in the U.S. where he was responsible for the development of a procurement department, as well as streamlining the efficiencies, processes, and procedures. The results of the reorganized systems and processes of procurement and asset management was a savings in the millions of dollars annually.”

Mark Heiser, Nevada
Vice President, Republic Real Estate and Development Company

Reduced Costs

Above the Standard Procurement Group® Inc. reduces the costs of the goods and services you already purchase without jeopardizing quality.

Local, Regional, National, and Global Companies

Above the Standard works with U.S. companies, which helps our nation’s economy and works to maintain businesses locally, regionally, and nationally. Our model is beneficial to all parties involved in the process.

What are Clients are Saying

“After budget over runs for the last three years, higher cost of materials, payroll, and other areas, by utilizing procurement cost reduction and increasing efficiencies with Ted Landgraf’s team of professionals, we are in the black now.”The Above the Standard team are true experts in what they did for us – they met deadlines and implemented procurement procedures and policies. And above all his people take a personable interest and take your companies best interest at heart.”

Terry D. McClain
Owner/Sara Lee Franchise

Job Creation

Above the Standard creates jobs from the Procurement Expert to the employees and the consultants, and the subcontractors working with them.

Local Communities

Above the Standard believes in, supports, and promotes local communities.

Long-Term Relationships

Above the Standard believes that success comes with the right people;

A Result-Oriented Organization

Above the Standard has reduced costs in every procurement cost reduction project with which we have been involved in over the last 30 years. Those costs reductions have far exceeded the cost of our services for many different industries and spend categories.

A Service-Oriented Company

Above the Standard is a PEOPLE COMPANY. Our service is our most important product, but YOU, along with all of our Procurement and Financial Experts, staff, subcontractors, and suppliers, are our most important assets.

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