Why pay more than you need to in today’s challenging economy?

Above the Standard helps businesses, governments, schools, and non-profits save thousands to millions of dollars off of products and services they already buy! We have experience in reducing costs in hundreds of areas. Our comprehensive experience can be viewed by clicking here.

We also provide the following services:

  • Procurement/sourcing expertise;
  • Purchasing and management staff training;
  • Procurement outsourcing for all or part of your purchasing department;
  • Finance and Administration Services; and
  • Business growth.
Above the Standard Cost Reduction

Our Procurement and Cost Reduction Process

What are Clients are Saying

"I worked with the Above the Standard team to reduce costs and centralize all print, stationary, envelopes, business cards, and miscellaneous marketing items across the U.S. in more than 300 locations. The outcome for the company was a cost reduction of more than 30%, increased efficiency, brand management and standardization, and a 24/7 online ordering system."

"I would recommend Above the Standard to any client for cost reduction and increased efficiency." Scott Hargest, Maryland CEO, Corporate Printing Solutions

What is our Procurement and Cost Reduction Process?



How it Works!

Above the Standard Cost Reduciton Process
  1. Above the Standard completes a no cost assessment for your company
  2. You decide to go forward and retain our Procurement Expert for procurement outsourcing
  3. A contract, with a scope of work (SOW) identifying the areas for cost reduction, is agreed upon
  4. Our Procurement Expert begins procurement outsourcing for project (s) outlined and agreed to in the contract
  5. Our Procurement Expert completes an RFP for each project and a winning vendor is chosen
  6. A vendor contract is provided and agreed upon by you and the selected vendor (as specified in the RFP)
  7. Our Procurement Expert conducts an audit summary of old pricing versus new pricing with chosen winning bidder
  8. The selected vendor begins to provide the goods and/or services according to the contract to you
  9. Above the Standard is paid a percentage of the agreed upon Contract Term Cost Savings

Our Procurement Expert continues to serve you and your company for any procurement needs.


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