“Growth is never
by mere chance;

It is the result of forces working together. ”

James Cash Penney
Founder of JC Penny stores

Cost Reduction | Business Growth

Cost Reduction | Business GrowthWhat our Clients have to say about Above the Standard's
Cost Reduction & Business Growth Methodologies!

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KeyArx Group

Above the StandardTed | Above the Standard,

ATS has been a wonerful source of expertise and savings for my clients. In this economy with so much uncertainty in business, ATS and TEd can make you help the bottom line of clients without any up front cost.

Paul Cella
Founder and Managing Director
KeyArx Group

Anderson University -

It is my great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Above the Standard
Procurement Group (ATS). In my role as Purchasing Agent for Anderson University. among other duties, I have found it advantageous to partner with ATS to facilitate competitive bidding on a variety of contracts for which I otherwise would not have had the time to complete in a timely manner.

In this process, I found ATS to be extremely professional and competent in both relational aspects and technical expertise as they performed this work on our behalf. A TS did the "heavy lifting" as far as research for and construction ofRFP documents, as well as facilitating the actual bid process and final negotiation of contracts with the successful bidders. All the while, I was kept in the loop to be sure ATS was correctly representing our requirements. Obviously, I had final approval of any finalized contract document.

The results obtained through this process were outstanding. Savings percentages on final contracts ranged as high as 38% over previous contracts. From start to finish, all of this was accomplished in a relatively short time.I would highly recommend A TS and would be happy to speak with any entity wanting further details.
Joseph M. Royer
Executive Director of Facilities and Property Management

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Cost Reduciton | Business Growth“Throughout the course of a national project with more than 4,000 devices, we increased the overall discounts to 15% for monthly services, combined 40 accounts into one account, and eliminated multiple carrier solutions in a large portion of the West Region. The Above the Standard Procurement Group team drove this project by gathering detailed information regarding the current systems deployed and understanding the long term cost for those systems. We were better able to understand where Sprint was and was not a fit.  The bottom line result was almost a 44% cost reduction per year.  This resulted in more than $2,100,000 in savings for the contract term!"

Major Account Executive, Sprint

YWCA of Greater Los Angeles

Cost Reduction“Above the Standard Procurement Group is the premiere go-to company for cost savings, efficiency and training!  They worked beyond expectation with the YWCA Greater Los Angeles on various tasks in procurement, finance, and administration; saving us thousands! 

Above the Standard Procurement Group carries the highest level of integrity and professionalism and I am pleased to recommend them to anyone looking for a better way of managing.”

CEO, YWCA of Greater Los Angeles

Republic Real Estate and Development Company

“Ted Landgraf and his team worked with one of the largest Native American Casinos in the U.S.   They were responsible for the development of a procurement department, as well as streamlining the efficiencies, processes, and procedures.  The results of the reorganized systems and processes of procurement and asset management was a savings in the millions of dollars annually.”

Vice President, Republic Real Estate and Development Company

HK Sports

Cost Reduciton | HK Sports“My company, HK Sports, worked with the Above the Standard Procurement Group team to select us as a national company for uniform, sportswear.... supply to all their locations across the nation.  Because of the process, cost was reduced to the client, communication increased; there was more efficiency, better customer service, and greater satisfaction."

CEO, HK Sports

Dyno Nobel

Cost Reduction | Business Growth"Ted Landgraf, his team, and I worked together on a national procurement program in more than twenty locations for the supply of explosives products and services. As part of the program a Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) known as Blast Optimization was used significantly reducing Aggregate Industries operating costs, while increasing productivity."

General Manager, North America, Dyno

Horizon Youth Services

Cost Reduction"Horizon Youth Services has had Above the Standard provide procurement and training services to our company, such as: Green Regulations; Contractor Purchasing System Review Regulations; Procurement Process and Procedures; the RFP process; and other Procurement related topics.  Their expertise has helped our staff from all across the country understand Government contracting requirements and provided a platform for greater efficiencies."

President, Horizon Youth Services

Corporate Printing Solutions

Cost Reduction | Business Growth“I worked with Above the Standard Procurement Group to reduce costs and centralize all print, stationary, envelopes, business cards, and miscellaneous marketing items across the U.S. in more than 300 locations.  The outcome for the company was a cost reduction of more than 30%, increased efficiency, brand management and standardization, and a 24/7 online ordering system. I would recommend Above the Standard to any client for cost reduction and increased efficiency.”

CEO, Corporate Printing Solutions

Del-Jen (Fluor Company)

Cost ReductionCost Reduction | Business Growth“We have known Ted Landgraf / Above the Standard and have had a great relationship with them since 2007.  In July, 2011, procurement training was provided to us by them for several of our senior staff and purchasing agents. The feedback from our staff is that it was one of the best and most practical training's they have ever attended.  There is no doubt that anyone who works with Above the Standard Group will benefit like we have, because they went above and beyond. They care about long-term working relationships and understand Department of Labor requirements and the needs of the program.”

Dir. Administration & Operations, Del-Jen (Fluor Company)

Educational Training Resources

“Above the Standard Procurement Group, Inc. (Above the Standard) came in and helped us to do the following:

  • Created Technical Guides for thirteen different areas in our organization;
  • Centralized Standard Operating Procedures from each location to one standard for some areas (procurement, property, finance, and administration);
  • Reduced costs for office supplies by 47% (more than $250,000), janitorial, cleaning and green supplies by 24% (more than $120,000), and copiers by 17% (more than $70,000);
  • Assessed our procurement systems for compliance with procurement plans for improvement; and
  • Provided procurement, green, assessment, and management training to our staff at each ETR location.”

“Above the Standard’s sense of professionalism and timeliness of our needs was almost as strong as his knowledge base on our business as a government contractor.  Above the Standard has become an excellent resource for ETR in the areas of procurement and technical training….  We are fortunate to have found them!!!”


Cost Reduction | Procurement Services“Geiger worked with the Above the Standard team and put together a successful national company store program for a large multi-billion dollar company.  Objectives were to reduce overall costs for branded promotional products and logo apparel while at the same time reinforcing the companies brand through consistent use of the company’s identity throughout their various divisions. They made their objectives very clear to us from the start and then worked carefully with us to craft a successful program that remains in effect to this day.”

“Cost savings to the company amounted to 15% plus the resulting consistent display of the companies brand in all regions.  Efficiency improved greatly as Geiger acted as the single point of contact company-wide for all issues regarding use and display of logo on branded merchandise and apparel.” 

CAS, Geiger Sales Partner

Fortune 100 Financial Institution

“Above the Standard was involved in a national fleet project that streamlined efficiency and reduced costs across the U.S.  During this time the company went through an extensive RFP project for their entire corporate fleet.  They were very involved in the project and their research was thorough and comprehensive.”

Account Manager, Fleet Services, Maryland


“With Above the Standard, they have created an outstanding service that can save any business money, increase purchasing productivity and – importantly – provide stability in these difficult economic times. He has assembled a comprehensive network of premier vendors, strategic partnerships and industry experts that can substantially increase short- and long-term profitability. I strongly encourage business owners, in any vertical, to contact them.”

Managing Partner, PanAmerican

Capital One Bank

Cost Reduction | Business Growth“Above the Standard is an action oriented company with a laser-like focus on saving their clients money. Their deep experience and team-based approach allows them to help companies set up new money savings processes that memorialize their savings methods for years to come”

Vice President, Capital One Bank NA

Cheek Consulting

“I have worked directly with Ted in the Solar Energy area and in the development of the ATSPG business development. They are honest, motivated, strategically orientated and can see business opportunities and act on them. His currently company, ATSPG, is hitting a sweet spot to enable companies to save through various forms of partnership. I recommend ATSPG and am pleased to be working with him.”

Owner, Cheek Consulting

Genesis Management Group

“Above the Standard are the consummate professionals in their field. I am impressed by their ability to create value and deliver results, and are undisputed leaders in the arena of procurement cost reduction.

Director, Genesis Management Group

Global Consumer Products

“ATS has high moral character. Their knowledge, experience, and success in the procurement industry speak for itself. They have the great ability to listen, define the needs, and then create a successful action plan to meet the client's needs. Their procurement organization is a reflection of his work and beliefs. I recommend their organization to any business needing a true professional partner.”

Owner, Global Consumer Products


Cost Reduction | Business GrowthAbove the Standard is very conscientious and knowledgeable of their product and industry. They freely share their knowledge base and time to insure that their colleagues and clients understand how to apply that knowledge properly. Above the Standard is not only passionate about their industry, but about the people as well. In short, he's passionate about life; and that passion is expressed through his work, family and business. I'm sure that any time you spend in association with them will lead you to the same conclusion!

Systems Analyst, Valassis

XO Communications

Cost Reduction | Business Growth“I have worked with Above the Standard Procurement Group, Inc. (ATSPG) for approximately almost six years for wireless and communication solutions. The primary objective for each project has been to provide a one-carrier solution where possible, with the most functionality, at the least cost, without jeopardizing quality. Throughout each project I interacted frequently with Above the Standard’s teams, and found them to be organized, team players, communicated well, and always delivered on time.”

“Above the Standard is one of the most detail oriented groups of people I have worked with in the industry. It gives me great satisfaction to not only work with ATSPG, look forward to future projects, and we are proud to be an ATSPG Premier Vendor.”

Major Account Executive, XO Communications

Ron Baker

“I reported to Ted Landgraf during a need for a procurement consultant for one of their client’s projects. Initially, I found the organization to wear a very unique name, however, upon partnering with Above the Standard, while watching their work ethics, qualities, and personal communication traits take place I know why the name was chosen. They not only bring an extremely high level of energy and procurement knowledge to clients, but they present themselves and their service in a way which truly puts their clients at ease.
In addition, they always maintain a very professional and positive attitude while working with both clients and staff. I would highly recommend them to any potential business associate and organization.”

Independent Consultant

AZ Solutions

Cost Reduction | Business Growth “My name is Brad Sternberg, owner and CEO of AZ Solutions. I have had the honor to work with Above the Standard on several projects. I have found them to be fair, cutting edge, efficient, and effective. Each procurement project has helped me to know and understand exactly what was needed.  I would recommend Above the Standard to anyone, whether a vendor, a client, and/or a corporate opportunity.”

AZ Solutions

Owner/Sara Lee Franchise

“After budget over runs for the last three years, higher cost of materials, payroll, and other areas, by utilizing procurement cost reduction and increasing efficiencies with Above the Standard’s team of professionals, we are in the black now.  Above the Standard were true experts in what they did for us – they met deadlines and implemented procurement procedures and policies. And above all his people take a personable interest and take your companies best interest at heart.”



“I highly recommend Above the Standard! There is no doubt "Above and Beyond" will serve your needs and save you money! The CEO, Ted Landgraf, is one of the most diligent and hard working men I know!!!”

Board Member, SAVE

Exceed Corporation

“Ted Landgraf is an exceptional professional. His skills as a project manager are unrivaled and he is one of the more dependable colleagues I have ever worked with. His knowledge of ISO 9001 is unsurpassed in the field of quality assurance and his work product comes in at the highest level of proficiency. I would recommend Ted and Above the Standard without reservation and feel that he would do well at whatever task he was asked to undertake.”

Project Manager, EXCEED Corporation

RCAP Solutions

Cost Reduction“Mr. Landgraf has impressive talents and a willingness to do what it takes to get things done. He developed systems to improve tracking, follow up and accountability; spearheaded an overhaul of company operating procedures as well as employees evaluations and job descriptions which was a massive effort; instituted regular contacts with field staff to improve communication and follow through to ensure results; and was creative in identifying strategies that bridge gaps between corporate and field staff in order to meet objectives.”

Chief Financial Officer, RCAP Solutions

Object Points

“I have worked with Ted Landgraf and his team for more than ten years.  I have had the pleasure of working on several projects ranging from training and development, to management systems, to procurement systems.”

“With my background in IT as an upper manager, and having owned my own computer IT company, I have more than 25 years in the industry of managing groups and teams.  With this said, I want you to understand that Ted has a unique quality of simplifying things with technology.  He is an out of the box implementer, yet knows the proper foundation in each situation, that he builds from.”


Julian Chan - UNIStrategic

I have the pleasure of working with Ted before and from the Get Go he makes things easy for those working with him; he has great Rapport and without a doubt upholds his end of the agreement and readily Adaptive to our requirements. Additionally, his inputs are Insightful and cover a whole different angle on the way I viewed procurement.

He is warm, energetic, determined and really takes initiatives and shows that he cares about his business as much as he cares about you (the client). Working with him I really feel that he believes in the effort to be mutually beneficial, that what is good for you is good for him. I will be working with Ted again; in fact he is lined up to do training for us for 3 more times at least in 2013 and many more in the future. This man is a pleasure to work with, I am proud to endorse him and recommend him to anyone to work with this procurement professional. I am happy that he is one of my connections and I believe we will be able to bring things up to the next level!

Bivona Childhood Advocacy


Bivona Child Advocacy CenterBivona Childhood Advocacy's central mission is to provide a safe, nurturing place for children who have been victims of abuse. It is important for us to be lean and efficient to maximize the amount of funding that directly addresses our core mission.

Above the Standard helped us to not only reduce costs, but increase our services in three areas. We cut our annual janitorial cost by 24%, office supplies by 10%, and payroll by 36%. In total, our overhead costs were reduced by 27%. I was impressed with their ability to create value and deliver results. Their efforts greatly contributed to our ability to remain focused on our mission.

I was also impressed with the professionalism, knowledge base, and attention to detail that Teresa Parsons displayed during our project. I would highly recommend their services to prospective clients.

Patty Lovallo
Director of Finance and HR

What do some of your Southeast Asia, India, China, Africa, and GCC clients say about our training?

"The Standard Operating Procedures templates provided were excellent for reference ..."

"Training coverage extensive"

"Instruction, training, and best practice provided, instructed, and implemented was clear and understandable"

"Above the Standard training course was strategic, conducted professionally, structured and plenty of power strategies and ideas"

"Above the Standard provided organized, needed information and relevant training to help our company"

"Above the Standard Procurement Group provided case studies, exercises, support documents, and supportive templates for us so that we can make our organization a best in class place"

"We appreciated how Above the Standard Procurement Group showed us how to reduce costs within our Government"

"Above the Standard Procurement Group is very knowledgeable in procurement management"

"The things I learned saw, was implemented, and showed will help me and my company – I found so many useful insights...more than I thought would have been"

"Above the Standard has helped us formulate an effective requisition process, showed us how to build up vendor relationship, and guided us in best practice about how to minimize supply chain disruption"

"Above the Standard Procurement Group, Inc. helped us to improve our procurement and finance process"

"We learned so much as we interacted, implemented, learned about bid teams, cost reduction, processes, contracts, and sustainable measures, and applied these principles from Above the Standard Procurement Group"

"Above the Standard showed, directed, and trained us in new methodologies for more effective resource usage, bottom line improvement, Standard Operating Procedure specific to our organization, risk management design, supply chain disruption, vendor management, and a host of many other areas – they exceeded our objectives and goals"


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